Coffee Shop

“Coffee Shop” is a production of the Film Production team of Jesus Film Project. The film is intended to give the viewer an explicit understanding of how to become a Christian. It is intended, not to be a stand-alone film, but rather an “epilogue” film that can be presented immediately following another, spiritual conversation starter-type of film, such as ones you can find on the Global Short Film Network website.

The intent is to use the film as R&D to shape the development of additional gospel presentation short films. We would like to get the film in the hands of staff for feedback and to be shown as an example/model for what can be done.

The story involves a conversation, already in progress, between two friends—Becky, a Christian, and her unbelieving friend, Anna. They have met for coffee in a coffee shop. Coffee Shop presents the gospel in a conversational narrative and segues in you sharing how an individual can pray to receive Christ.

How to use this film
1. Watch the film.
2. Download the film from the Global Short Film Network website. Click here.
3. Show a short film that can start a spiritual conversation. If the person shows interest in learning more about how to become a Christian, offer to show them Coffee Shop or if you are having a conversation with someone on Facebook or Twitter and want to share a film that presents the gospel send them a link to Coffee Shop, embed it into a blog or share it with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some follow-up questions you can ask:

– How would you respond to someone who says, “Religion is about trying to be good in order to please God”? Can anyone ever be good enough?
– Does this video make you think of God in a new light?
– How would you respond to the question, “Everybody needs God”?
– Do you understand how someone can experience peace with God and a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ?
– Would you be interested in doing that now?